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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Hey, welcome to my creative side!  This part of Kensan Creations focuses on my creative side.  Here you will find my poems, song lyrics and photos I have written and taken over the last 30 years.  

Each song and poem includes the date I wrote it and the insperation behind it.  I have poured much emotion into these writings and they truly represent my soul.

I began taking pictures about 15 years ago and as you can see, much of my photography is focused on landsacpes.  I love to combine photography and traveling and use my camera eye to capture the moment I was in when I took the photo.  The photos are from all over the world and range from film cameras to professional level DSLRs.  For those who choose to register, there are additional galleries you have access to.




 As usual if you have a message for me, send me an email.